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CBDA: The chosen cannabinoid for the medical industry.  

The founder of CBD, CBDA and other cannabinoids, Dr. Rafael Mechoulam, founded CBD in 1963-1964. In September 2019, after more than 50 years of studies, announced that CBDA is the most likely cannabinoid to help the medical industry. CBDA has proven to be 1,000's of times more effective than CBD at reducing inflammation, nausea, anxiety, inhibiting breast cancer, and helps improve sleep. Read More


  • The highest concentration of
    distilled & stabilized CBDA
    - Full-spectrum & non-decarboxylated
    - Zero chemicals
  • Proprietary ultrasonic wave extraction process - Allows cannabinoids to overcome surface tension. - Ultrasonic extraction is the cream of the crop. It’s both fast and effective, as it produces the strongest concentrates in the least amount of time. - Using Zero chemicals and only the proprietary oils the cannabinoids are exposed, more absorbable and stabilized. 
  • Oxygen and nitrogen infusion from the atmosphere at molecular level - creates powerful oxygenated oil.  
  • Oxygenated exposed molecules - release the powerful cannabinoid, and - release natural curative fatty acid molecules with anti-viral, antibacterial, and prebiotic properties.


  • Rapid Absorption  

Ultrasonic extracted concentrates have a similar smell, taste, and even psychoactive effects as their starting flower but with a much higher potency, nearly 7 times more.

  • CBDA is known as a: 

Inflammation and Pain Reducer (Selective Cox2 inhibitor) Link to Journal Report

Anxiety & Nausea Reducer (Enhances 5-HT1A signaling) - anxiety: Link to Journal Report - nausea: Link to Journal Report

Breast Cancer Inhibitor (Inhibitor of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell migration) Link to Journal Report  

Supercharge with CBDA
100% natural, stabilized, and protected

Cosaint Nectar™ CBDA

U.S. Distribution (Industrial Hemp)
Liters with over 600,000mg CBDA
70% + Total Cannabinoids
Full Spectrum Distillates & Crudes

Worldwide Distribution
Full Spectrum Less than 0.2% THC
Liters with 3,000mg to 200,000mg CBDA

Taking Orders Now Worldwide
Worlds First Broad-Spectrum
Zero THC CBDA in Liters

"Unlike most cannabis extraction methods, UE uses oils as an extraction medium instead of hydrocarbons. Through the process, UE yields concentrate with higher potency and a more robust cannabinoid profile."

 -Dr. Tom D'Angelo,
Cosaint Nectar
Science Team

Dr. Caplan, Chief Medical Officer of the CED Clinics and CED Foundation, has witnessed the benefits of CBDA with his patients, firsthand. A pioneer in the medical cannabis space, he has adopted Dr Mechoulam’s findings into the clinical office with impressive success. 

 -Dr. Benjamin Caplan,
Chief Medical Officer CED Foundation 

"Don't wait, it works," is what I tell over 40 of my clients using the Cosaint Nectar CBDA daily. I build eight different products with CBDA to reduce pain and inflammation.

I recommend both oral and topical uses. I can count on my clients noticing the difference rapidly. 

 -Robin Churchill,
Lifetime Health
Pengrove CA 

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